TB Sorter

TB Sorter

Product Figure

It excellently propels because its surface is coated with lots of urethane coating roller.

Since it uses a sub-motor, it changes direction quickly and accurately and can change direction by 45 degree.

It makes no noise because it separately operates with an equipped mag gear for each turning block.

Because it uses timing belt for roller’s rotation, it lasts long and accurately operates.

It is easy to replace when it malfunctions(bring blocks to the upper part and replace)

The upper plate is hard coated in for abrasion durability and friction minimization.

TB Structure

Structure of Direction Changing Device

Function and Specification

Type Large Medium
Maximum Cargo L1500 x W800 x H700 (50Kg) L1500 x W800 x H700 (30Kg)
Minimum Cargo L200 x W250 x H10 (50g) L150 x W120 x H10 (50g)
Moving Velocity 90 ~ 110 m/min 90 ~ 110 m/min
Process Capability 8000~10,000 per hour 8000~10,000 per hour
Drive Roller Rotating Motor (0.2Kw * 5 =1 Kw)
Direction Changing Motor (0.2Kw * 5 = 1 Kw)
Roller Rotating Motor (0.2Kw * 5 =1 Kw)
Direction Changing Motor (0.2Kw * 5 = 1 Kw)
Size and Quantity of Roller External Diameter 68mm * width 30mm
– 7/block
External Diameter 68mm * width 50mm
Temperature for Usage 5~30 degrees 5~30 degrees
Discharged Angle 30~45 degrees 30~45 degrees
Weight 360 Kg (4 columns 5 row direction 3) 360 Kg (4, 3 columns, 6 rows direction 3)
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